Full Day Care

We are open from 7.30am – 5.30pm

Monday – Friday.

We offer an early start and a late finish for an additional fee so please contact us if this is something you are interested in.

We close for 2 weeks over the christmas period.


A day in the life of Bestwood Park Nursery…

Here at Bestwood Park Nursery no two days are the same. We focus a lot on in the moment planning and our day is always child-led.

Our breakfast club starts at 7.30am. The children are greeted at the door by one of our friendly practitioners. We will encourage the children to take part in our self-registration and then guide them to hang their coats and bags on their pegs. The children have their own personalised pegs which provides them with a space for their belongings.

Our practitioners will then support the children to self-serve their own breakfast. We always have a great variety of choice and will often have small treats such as crumpets or tea cakes. The children are encouraged to sit at our breakfast table and often the practitioners will sit with them and see breakfast as a social time to share conversations and relax in the moment before the busy day begins.

The children see all mealtimes as special rituals and will be encouraged to take on small jobs such as wiping down the tables and washing the pots.

At 8.30 our morning session begins and instantly the children are off exploring. The doors leading outside are always kept open and the children have complete free flow.

During the session we will rarely ever interrupt play for focused activities unless we are delivering an extension to learning or additional support to a child. Books are all over our environment meaning that we don’t even stop and join up for story time!

Every area of the provision is well stocked with authentic materials and loose parts. Our goal is to create an environment that is filled with curiosity awe and wonder. We respect our setting and consider the environment as ‘The Third Teacher’ taking the children to many different places and allowing them to be absorbed in their play.

For us, our focus is making sure the children are having fun and can really engage with what they enjoy! We will offer a rolling snack so that the children can come and sit and enjoy some fruit or vegetables with some milk or water.

Our practitioners genuinely love being in the moment with the children, and this is noticed by parents and families as they comment on how happy the children are to attend our setting.

Although each child has a designated key worker, we ensure that all practitioners can build strong relationships with each child. Knowing each child and respecting their individuality ensures that we can plan and facilitate activities that will really support their learning and development.

At 11.30, our morning session finishes, and our lunch club begins! We follow a very similar routine to breakfast time. The children help set the tables with the tablecloths and cutlery. They will then be encouraged to self-serve their lunch.

We try our best to make our lunch nutritious and exciting so that the children have the opportunity to try new foods. The practitioners use lunch time as an opportunity to unwind and discuss with the children the events of the morning. After lunch, the children will help clear away ready for the afternoon session.

Our afternoon session mirrors our morning session, and the children are again given lots of opportunities to play and explore.

At 3.30 our afternoon session finishes, and any remaining children will be encouraged to use the last part of the day to unwind and relax. The children will help the practitioners to put our resources to bed ready for the next day.

We will often use the sensory room to unwind, and we will occasionally take walks out in the community or to the local nature reserve. Shortly after, dinner is served in the same manner as lunch. We pride ourselves on cooking hearty homecooked meals at dinner time to really make sure our children go home with full tummies!

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