Our environment & Virtual tour

Welcome to our setting. Please view and enjoy our virtual tour 

The Curiosity Approach 

Within our setting we are working towards the accreditation of the Curiosity Approach. Our setting looks very different from what you’d usually expect from a nursery. There are no brightly coloured walls or shiny plastic toys that make noises. Instead the focus of the physical environment is on natural materials, neutral tones, white-washed walls and wooden objects.  Children are encouraged to play with household items of bric-a-brac, such as nuts and bolts, garden canes, hessian and curtain rings. Too many bright colours can overstimulate children, and there is research out there to back up this theory. Bright colours which have been carelessly placed around a room are thought to cause tiredness, anger, upset, miscommunication and stress in young children. We recognises that stimulation is necessary in every child’s mental and emotional development, but we also believe that too many colourful plastic toys isn’t the way to do it. Plastic all smells the same, feels the same and often comes in bright colours that overstimulate children. On the other hand, if you’re recycling and sourcing open-ended resources and natural materials, you’re bringing different elements, textures and smells. That sense of curiosity and wonder will come with it.