This page will be regularly updated with information which you may find useful as parents within the setting. 


Whilst the current restrictions are slowly being lifted we wanted to take the time to thank all of our families for supporting us throughout the most difficult year our setting has ever experienced. We are so grateful that all of our new policies and procedures are being followed and our families are adapting to any new changes.

Some of the changes we have made we are hoping to keep for the foreseeable future as we feel that they have improved our setting and they already work really well. We will send out a separate newsletter with this information.

If you have any queries surrouning COVID-19, Please do not hesitate to get in touch!



Meal times

Within our setting, we see mealtimes as a calm and collective ritual to enjoy with the children. Our children all have their own little jobs, whether that be helping to set the table or washing the pots afterwards. Nutrition is really important to us. We try and change our meal plans regualrly so that the children are giving the option to try a variety of foods. We never force children to eat their food, we gently encourage them to give different meals a try. Each day we will display the menu on a blackboard outside of the setting so parents are aware on drop off and collection what their child has been offered. Below we have attached an example menu.

Policies and Procedures 

We regularly update our Policies and Procedures. Should you ever need to access a copy, click below to view each one. 

What We Offer

Full Day Nursery

Full Day Nursery 7.30am – 5.30 pm

After School Club

Breakfast Club 7.30am – 9.00am
After School Club 3.00pm – 5.30pm


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What Our Families are Saying

Both my boys have been here and loved it as a mum you always worry when your not with your children that there safe and being looked after etc but can honestly say I wouldn’t hesitate to send them again they excelled being here staff supported both boys and me with toilet training helping my son with his speech learning them to sit and eat at the table with a knife and fork waiting till everyone had finished before leaving. It brought skills on in both of them that have carried them through to infants they learned about different cultures and their own which is very important, my boys always talk about nursery and how much they enjoyed it. I am very happy with the care provided by staff and very much has a family feel to it so children are straight at ease thank you again.
My granddaughter absolutely loves the nursery. The care she receives from the owners and nursery staff is amazing with her development and social skills with professional and staff who care for every individual child, the nursery has a policy of being very multicultural which shows in the play, food and trips out etc. Gold star for every aspect of this nursery !!
Great place to work, the team are lovely and put all their effort and time in giving the children the best learning opportunities.

Bestwood Park Day Nursery
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